Welcome to the homepage of Chris Elvin

This website has been created to celebrate the life and music of Chris 'Loony' Elvin. Funny, brainy and talented (sorry Chris but it's true), and a total loony, never bound by convention, he left the world in his usual manner, suddenly and surprisingly, without any fuss or fanfare.

On 26th October 2005 Chris had a brain haemorrhage and never regained consciousness. For him it was a great way to go, in the company of family and friends. Without any warning he zonked into the arms of his eldest son Alexis, with a big smile on his face.

Chris's shoes, if he was wearing any at the time, could never be filled by another.


If you have any recollections of Chris and would like everyone to share them, please send them to us at memories@chriselvin.com

~Still to come:~

  • more music
  • More photos and video clips
  • More recollections (as they are submitted)
  • Biography updates
  • Chris Animation video made in France
  • ..any more suggestions?