The Gorilla (Georges Brassens) translated by Chris

Down the local zoo
The women admire the gorilla
He’s a bit of alright, it’s true
A bit of an eyeball thriller

Shamelessly nudging each other
They ogle a part of his frame
That rigorously my mother
Forbids me ever to name

What a gori…lla!

Suddenly, with a crash
His fist dismantles the lock
He was out of there in a flash
He’s cheerfully running amok

He cries, “It’s bugging me,
It’s been bugging me like a pest”
He was talking about his virginity
As you’ve probably already guessed

What a gori…lla!

Avoiding the frolicking freak
The crowd all run for their life
Apart from the local beak
And his slightly decrepit old wife

Seeing them all disappearing
He legged it as fast as he could
Veering, steering, careering
T’where the judge and his lady stood

What a gori…lla!

“Oh dear” goes the old lady
“These days I’m a bit of a joke
I fear there’s never a maybe
I fear there’s never a hope

Goes the judge “Make no mistake
It has always been unwise
To take me for an ape”
He was in for a big surprise

What a gori…lla! [Instrumental]

‘Cos the gorilla, although
As a lover is over-sufficient
His IQ’s rather low
And his taste’s a bit deficient

So instead of going for the old dear
As would you or me
He grabbed the judge by the ear
And dragged him behind a tree

What a gori…lla!

What happened next, to wit
Was neither meet nor fit
It’s a shame, I admit
We all could have giggled a bit

But the judge, in a state of shock
Cries “Mummy” and bawls a lot
Like that poor boy in the dock
Who he’d sentenced to be shot

What a gori…lla!