Martin Blake 17.1.06

I was really saddened to hear of Chris's untimely death and would like to thank you for seeking me out. I lost touch with Chris in about 1987. I have thought about him often over the years, wondering what madcap schemes he might have been involved in and whether he ever got close to solving the riddles of the Universe in his seemingly endless quest that manifested itself in reams and reams of paper crammed with unintelligible logic symbols...

[At the party in Feb 2006 Martin played one of Chris's songs, 'Cold, Cold Ground'. "I've always loved this song", he said, "but hadn't played it for years until I got the horrible news." As there's no recording of Chris playing it, Martin kindly agreed to record it for us, and here it is]
[Martin has also provided some recordings by Blakes III, see Music page]