Projet Brassens

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This website is headed by English jazz musicians Charlie Hearnshaw & Maxine Green, whose enthusiasm for Georges Brassens have led them to create a resource for Georges Brassens fans in the UK.

"The musicians' aim is to overcome barriers (to understanding and appreciation) by reinterpreting (Brassens') songs in modern idiom and conveying something of the irreverent wit, deep humanity and perceptive social comment through their musical arrangements..."

When I read the above quote from TES I recognised the essence of what Chris has said to me about Brassens, and thought of Chris's own interpretations. I contacted Maxine Green, whose enthusiasm for Georges Brassens seems to equal Chris's, and who has been very interested in his translations. These are her comments on Chris's version of 'The Gorilla':

"I enjoyed the mp3s very much, and admired Chris' 'take' on La gorille, interpreting it in (what sounded to me like) London twang, and in very natural speech. It is difficult to achieve natural phrasing when interpreting songs from one language to another - the stresses in the second language can fall in artificial places. Chris has cracked this really well in The Gorilla, I think."

Maxine also pointed me in the right direction to have Chris's songs and translations published on another Brassens website, but we're still waiting to find a contact.

Watch this space.

Sue 4.4.07