Chris's writings

Although Chris had a healthy disrepect for 'speaking correctly', whether in English or French, he had an amazing command of language. The lyrics of 'the Plasterer of Paris' are a perfect example.

Georges Brassens
Brassens' songs became one of Chris's passions, and he meticulously translated many of his favourites. Chris seemed to successfully encapsulate the spirit of Brassens' work, retaining the same balance of humour and satire, without losing the essential 'Chris-ness' of his own words and music.

Charlie's Tractor
Here are the lyrics, which might help when you listen as it's an old tape recording which Dom cleaned up as best he could. The song (see Martin's comment on the link) is an old favourite of the family's. The kids loved it and Chris nicked the tune from Beethoven's Waldstein, which Dad (a musical purist) found quite amusing.

Chris’s US Diary
Can you remember what you were doing in 1977? If indeed you were even born yet…
Here are the first few pages of a diary Chris wrote during his visit to America. It says a lot about Chris because he is writing it! It is also a lovely story about the music and people of New Orleans in the Mardi Gras festival of 77.
And here is a scanned copy of page one.

The Luminiferous Aether
John Clayton came across a bound copy of an essay Chris wrote (probably in the eighties) entitled "The Luminiferous Aether". This is a kind of alternative physics based on rather unorthodox theories (!) that covers pyramids, UFOs, relativity, weather control and even curing cancer. This is only the first chapter-- at some point we may get the rest.

Loony stuff
A pamphlet- 'User's Guide to Loony Bo Lockson'. And some press cuttings.


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