his passion lives in us !

Chris was my best friend, I never had a friend like him and will never know that in the future, he was unique. The last time I left a message on the website, I really felt bad, now I'm better but right now I'm thinking about Chris, he was my mentor in music and lots of other things that are so important in life. I think that everyone that will read that message will agree with me, he was an extraterrestrial ! The word that describes him the better is passionate and I don't have to say more, you all know about that. His passion lives in everyone of us and we can't do anything about it (fortunately). The only thing we can do is respect what he was, it means "do what you want, don't give a shit for the law" ( from the song "austin spare parts" ). I wish that everyone could know someone like him ( so impossible! ). Right now, when I think about him, I remember all the good memories we had together, talking for hours about so many subjects, playing music and analyse the rules that made it work, and so many things that I can't tell in those few words. I repeat : his passion lives in everyone of us, and that's great !


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