About This Site

The purpose of this website is to celebrate the life of Chris Elvin. Anyone who knew Chris is invited to contribute stories, photos or even recordings. We’d love to hear from you, even if it’s simply a comment about the website or anything on it.

Please contact us at memories@chriselvin.com

Who are we?

Memories have been collected and compiled by Sue (Chris’s sister) and Dominic (her youngest), with the help of friends and family.

Dom has designed and is maintaining the website.

We have consulted with Heather (Chris’s sister) and Heidie (his daughter) for their help, advice and approval.

Thanks to Kerry (Sue's eldest) for providing the hosting and to both Kerry and Tristan (Sue's middlest) for the occasional technical support.

We'd like to say a big thank-you to John Clayton for his help in temporarily providing links to lots more music, while Dom is busy recording some of his own.


The website will be updated regularly, including news of any Chris parties. If you have any suggestions of a good place/ time to have a get-together or would like to host one, please let us know.

Hope you enjoy the site, and that it brings back some happy memories

- Sue x


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