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Heidie's music recollections

Goin' up the Country

During the summer 2004, I had much free time as I couldn't find a job (and actually didn't look very long for one!) And the boys and I spent the month of August in Larré, a little village near Questembert (the place where we live), where Chris used to live before he joined us in Questembert in 2005. It's a very nice place, in the countryside, there's the mobile home where we spent our first months when we arrived in Brittany in 1999, surrounded by many trees, it's a little paradise to us, an important place to us, and very enjoyable during summer. And this particular summer, I remember spending whole nights listening to music, smoking one cigarette after another and going to bed at 6 o'clock in the morning. It was at that time we first listened to Zappa's album «The Grand Wazoo». It was during this summer I started playing the flute, and the first piece of music I tried playing was the funny little tune in this Canned Heat song. I began to play it on Chris' old flute he had had for years, a very special instrument I still have with me today, (by the way, I have to explain a bit more about this flute, but later!!) So this song reminds me of a nice time spent all together with Chris and the boys.... Read more

Alexis 8.7.06

I just read the recollections about Chris and I recognised him in all those descriptions. Chris was really funny, we laughed together so many times, we didn't have the relationship that lots of fathers have with their son, we were equal, there was a deep respect between us, we were friends more than father and son.... Read more

Sue 2.3.06

Chris was such an exceptionally free spirit, so full of life, that for ages I just couldn't get my head round the fact that he was gone. No more totally surprising phone-calls, no more excitable explanations of something mathematically wonderful he'd just discovered. Stuff I thought I'd never begin to understand, but the way he explained it, making me feel so included in the wonder, I would (sometimes) just about get an inkling of what he was on about... Read more

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