Heidie's music recollections

Goin' up the Country

During the summer 2004, I had much free time as I couldn't find a job (and actually didn't look very long for one!) And the boys and I spent the month of August in Larré, a little village near Questembert (the place where we live), where Chris used to live before he joined us in Questembert in 2005. It's a very nice place, in the countryside, there's the mobile home where we spent our first months when we arrived in Brittany in 1999, surrounded by many trees, it's a little paradise to us, an important place to us, and very enjoyable during summer. And this particular summer, I remember spending whole nights listening to music, smoking one cigarette after another and going to bed at 6 o'clock in the morning. It was at that time we first listened to Zappa's album «The Grand Wazoo». It was during this summer I started playing the flute, and the first piece of music I tried playing was the funny little tune in this Canned Heat song. I began to play it on Chris' old flute he had had for years, a very special instrument I still have with me today, (by the way, I have to explain a bit more about this flute, but later!!) So this song reminds me of a nice time spent all together with Chris and the boys.

Nobody loves you when you're down and out

I actually don't remember exactly when I learned this song, but I can remember Chris singing it, while playing the piano, in boogie-style, like he used to do. We played this song in a band we had with Alexis and a friend on the drums, in 2003/2004. Alexis and I often play this song!