Harrow County

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Philip Mann

My memories of Chris are blurred by the passage of far too much time, and a great deal of distance since the last time I saw him.

I recall how we set up the Macabre Brethren as we were first known, kinda think that the Macabre bit was an Elvinism.... Read more

Jon Hall 22.2.07

(2) Chris's telephone technique
After Chris came up to North Scotland to play on my first home made album in 2003, we kept up a spasmodic phone dialogue in which Chris quickly established a rather eccentric approach. ... Read more

Jon Hall 13.4.06

(1) 'Big Dummy' on the cliffs in Dunwich
In 1971 Chris and I and a few other musicians lived in a house in Peasenhall with a long drive and about ten to thirteen rooms and outhouses, all for seven pounds a month... Read more

Bill Peter 6.11.05

1. In our teens we were both keen on Maths, and around 1963/64 Chris got top marks in the end-of year exams... Read more

John Clayton 7.11.05

See also: Sussex University.

John wrote a lovely obituary to Chris which can be found on the Harrow County school website... Read more

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