Sussex University

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John Altman 29.1.10

Strange, sitting in Los Angeles, how a TV documentary on Peter Green brought me here. I recalled a magical jam session with Peter and Chris at the Mole Benefit Concert at Sussex, which in turn led to me to recall my amazing 21st birthday party when Muddy Waters and his band jammed all night with us down in the Crypt.... Read more

Manfred Ropschitz (Roxon) 13.5.08

I kinda knew Chris through mutual mates, Warren Colman (one-time voice of G-d UK blues guitarist) and John Altman (ex-Climax Blues and now Hollywood music man).

My strongest memory of Chris was on stage at Sussex Uni, dressed in a duffel coat, shaggy hair and beard (?), delving into deep pockets to find harps in the right key. It must have been 1969 or 70 when I was working as a gardener at Falmer, but I can't recall the exact occasion or line-up, except that John Altman was there and possibly Pete Wingfield on joanna. ... Read more

John Clayton 13.12.07

Memories of Chris from the Dynaflow Blues days
I was at Sussex University with Chris, although I went there in 1967 and Chris started in '68, having taken a year out. During that year, Chris was gigging with Dynaflow Blues.... Read more

Lisa Rossetti 25.6.06

Thank you Sue for letting me know about Chris's death. It is always a shock to lose someone so untimely from your own generation... Read more

Alan Spybey 16.1.06

It's Monday morning when I get the news, relayed through Kep. It's eight o'clock and I'm sitting in the junk room we call a design office in a part of Nairobi which would be called run-down if it had ever run up... Read more

Eric Porter 9.1.06

I'm so sad to hear of Chris's death.

There are so few people I've met who deserve the epithet "genius"... Read more

Martin Blake 17.1.06

I was really saddened to hear of Chris's untimely death and would like to thank you for seeking me out... Read more

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