Jon Hall 22.2.07

(2) Chris's telephone technique
After Chris came up to North Scotland to play on my first home made album in 2003, we kept up a spasmodic phone dialogue in which Chris quickly established a rather eccentric approach. On one occasion after a few months gap the phone rang at about 1am and as soon as I said 'Hello' Chris asked, 'You've got a mainly G major chord but you've included a D sharp. Would you call that a flattened fifth or what?' He humorously dispensed with any pre-amble, and when I tried it back on him some weeks later he responded in just the same way. I was trying my hand at blues harmonica and I rang him about 2 am one night. As soon as he answered I asked him, 'When you're doing a harp tremelo do you move your head or your hands?' Straight away he replied, 'I'm not sure, let's try it,' and immediately rattled off a tremelo on a harp which he must have prepared previously. There was no noticeable gap either for taking in what I was asking or for finding and picking up a harp. I was smiling for hours afterwards. It's one of the things I miss most about him. I don't know anyone else who can ring or be rung so casually at any time and about anything.